Major Trauma Ward.

Two days ago I had an bicycle accident and ended up here in Fazakerley Hospital. I have started doing some sketches whilst under the influence of morphine.

MER- Whatever

Mabel was going to be no one’s maid so she studied to become a mer-librarian instead.

Sefton Park Sketchbook.

As Chip and I are banned from from this historic Palm House all rendering is from the Outside. #111placesinliverpool thatyoushouldn’tmiss says that there are #spoonbills to be seen nearby. Welcome to #windupcity Peter de Figueiredo.


Today instead of shouting at the inconsiderate bastards who bring their cars into the park I did more drawing, then shouted at the cars dsc_1052-1256334967.jpg
Here’s the cricket pavilion at Sefton Park. Today the grass was dry enough for the first time this year to sit down.

Mrs. Murphy.

I’m having a bit of fun with this picture. Mrs. Murphy could be a new character. One scene sometimes opens a window to a personality. My creativity is a demanding task master/cruel mistress.
mrs murphy