Bologna or Bust.

I’m flying out to the Bologna Children’s Book Fair on Monday. So I have decided to start a Bologna blog. I normally take two days to pack a cabin bag and then still forget something. I have checked and it’s ok to bring a selfie stick in hand luggage. Selfie sticks are brilliant but everyone seems to think I am too old to have one.

It’s two days to take off and I am in the NHS drop in centre with a fever and swollen glands hurrah!! Loads of people ahead of me and dreary photo copy signs telling me what will happen if I am rude or violent. This building was obviously a showcase piece a positive contribution to the community but these grubby signs which don’t have any effect other than to say we are doing something about this make modern life so dreary. I bet private clinics don’t have signs telling the customers not to be violent.
Why didn’t anyone tell me it was National Puppy Day last week?