The Phantom Scribbler Returns.

I’ve been trying to do too many stories at the same time. The one I’m working on always seems not as good as the scrappy sketch I’ve got stuck on the wall.masked scribbler2

I love the ‘Phantom Scribbler’  Im going to make her so bad. She’s going to wreck a whole  city so watch out. I have to listen to the Fall , the Stooges,Pere Ubu and the Fat White Family when I’m drawing her.

The Step.

Why I am drawn to the naughty step. I always think that your mind wanders when you’re in the dog house that you’ve been cast out of the lovely warm front room . You are meant reflect on your behaviour but instead  you focus on the injustice of it all.stairsv1

Creeping About. 

I think I have found my paper. Chinese rice paper. The texture affects the my pen strokes and it takes inkwashes really well. So here is one those #inktober things. 


Chip has come into my world. A Romanian street dog who loves and lives life to the fullest. His eyes are hidden under a shaggy mop of hair but his smile beams out. Everything is brilliant and brand new.Playground.

Inktober 2017,

_20171002_112306I have decided to follow the crowd. I shall do a drawing using ink once a day for a whole month and post it on twitter. @korkymaster. Tomorrow might be a struggle as Im on a 14 hr shift but I am over in New Brighton so perhaps a night view across the Mersey to the world heritage view that is Liverpool Waterfront. Oh I m almost excited as you are now. here are my creations so far.