Kids In Space

I remember the first moon landings. I was a little disappointed as  I thought we had already colonised the stars and were commuting to the planets. Turns out I had confused fact and fiction.helmet


Bikes, trikes and scooters are always a bugger to draw. Once again I giving away gold here but the clamour out there for more art is tugging at my heart strings..Bananamoon

Crocodile Tears.

Once again the most terrifying creature I can think of is brought into a narrative about family life #crocodiles #childrensbook.

The Cuddling Phantom.

I’m having fun with my brush pen. If the themes of psychological incongruence are your thing my next story will be right up your street. 

Tales from V and A 

I can never understand how people can keep reptiles as pets but as I have fantastic empathetic skills I am able to make up stories about it. 

More Victoria and Albert

To be honest I find crocodilians the most terrifying creatures on the planet. I recall that once during my African childhood one of my parent’s friends was looking after my brother and I .   They took us up country to the bush and bought a bucket of baby crocodiles. They put the crocodiles and the children in the back of the van and drove us back to Lagos.  What do you do ? Hold the bucket and stop it spilling its very snappy contents on the van floor  or just ensure that your younger brother is between you and the beasts.stairs1

under the bed