China Town.

LionsLiverpool has Europe’s oldest China Town. It’s not very big at the moment but that’s all set to change.  My daughter and I like wondering through the  incredible arch and it goes without saying that you can get some good eating there and now it has #bagelry the best coffee and vegan treats.The Arch

Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King. 50th Anniversary.

Last Saturday I went to the Pierre Henry  Liverpool  Mass. A piece of musique concrete. (anyone saying ‘ what’s that when it’s at home’ will be taken out and shot for ignorance and crimes against cliché ) It was a transcendent  experience and I will listen to more of his work.   The work wasn’t ready for the actual inauguration 50 years ago so this was it’s first performance in it’s intended setting. It inspired me to do some drawings of this radical and adventurous building.

More Liverpool Life. 

My favourite sort of day the park and the café.  I saw a greater spotted woodpecker. Sefton Park is better than the zoo or   some African game reserve. (well it is to me)

Liverpool life. 

Today I drew the world around me. The May sunshine was throwing very long shadows. Sefton Park was beautiful even the coffee in the boathouse cafe wasn’t too grim.