Lep Town


I have reached into my sketchbook pre children’s stories.  Little world of Leprechauns and the grumpy  Lordship. So far i have them as sexually fustrated and regular anti social drinkers at the Graham Green Man Public house.




This week end I  have been  trying to write a story , It looks so simple. But even with the limited 12 spread format there are so many options. I can’t even stick to a tense, Past tense feels natural when you are narrating but it it robs you of immediacy and makes every thing sound like memoirs .   Does the past tense or present tense make story about pre school cannibalism more acceptable ? I wonder what a story in the future tense would sound like. Anyway here’s a new picture, Watch Out I am going to eat you all up.!!p11

Sleepy time +

I am wondering how naughty or morally ambiguous you can make a character in a Children’s book. Straight forward tales about being good  seem to be more about conditioning  a child to be society ready. That mayn’t be the best thing for the child. The best thing would be to  introduce the child to a world where the mind is fantastic playground where they can try out new ways of being . Throw in a few what ifs. What if the pond in the park was shark infested,what if you changed into a monster when you went to sleep.  So for the meantime no ecological stories from me. Enjoy the pictures .hallway